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Updates I've made to this site

October 2022

  • cyclical easing notes
  • messed with syntax highlighting
  • using reasonable-colors for more stuff, and added css variables. colors are kind of a mess now...

September 2022

  • changed tag class to tagpill because of conflicts with prismJS
  • vue3 scratchpad notes
  • edit credits to reference the syntax highlight theme i'm actually using
  • adjust max-width of post list & work list, and try to uniform-ize titles

July 27, 2022

  • setting up for pagination, though not using it yet
  • display only 2 recent notes on homepage
  • messing around with including iframes in notes pages (for p5.js examples atm)
  • fix "back to all notes" link on single note pages

July 21, 2022

  • switch main font to open sans + adjust font sizes
  • delete a lot of old crap
  • change 'thoughts' section to 'notes'
  • update notes layout to a masonry-ish one that doesn't require thumbnails (but shows them if they exist)
  • link this changelog in the footer, because i forgot to do that last time lol
  • update note card links using a pseudo-element trick to make the whole card clickable, keeping tags still clickable
  • add quasar notes

July 19, 2022

  • fix animation play/pause button on homepage
  • remove dates from post lists & add a "last updated" field which will display on each post page individually
  • added this changelog page 😄