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bookmarks july 2022

things i've saved recently
Tags: #bookmarks
Last updated: Jul 18, 2022
  • pink, soft, glittering developers - note in maggie appleton's digital garden on femme dev, which she uses to refer to the trend of pastel-shaded, cute, intentionally feminine-styled developer things. In a field hugely dominated by men-identifying people, I'm into this.
  • i am re-learning react recently and discovered react-spring - this is an approach to animation i want to learn more about
  • I've been poking about the concept of digital gardening lately. A few garden-type things I am inspired by:
    • joel hooks
    • - I haven't signed up for this just because I am 90% sure it'll result in an hours-long rabbit hole (but maybe that's the point?)
    • brad woods digital garden very cool concept for mostly dev topics. I love this one. Beautiful, simple illustrations.
    • tom critchlow wiki organizing thoughts into wiki-type folders.